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Love, Amber
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18th-May-2011 04:07 am - Artwork HOOO!

Some artwork. Okay, a LOT of artwork, 15 pieces!
There is a mixed bag from pencil to watercolor to digital.
Been going through a lot lately, am really tired.
Am struggling to keep everything together...... S.O.S.

Anyone interested in buying prints? I set up a shop over at etsy.
Please take a look: Waltz Into Dust
Also, if you have a request for a particular piece, I'll be more than happy.


Verious things await you.....Collapse )
2nd-Apr-2011 02:41 am - In front of the sun, it gets cold
I should be updating with some artwork soon. It's been a while. Until then, spring is coming.

Sadly, the sakura never last long enoughCollapse )

21st-Nov-2010 12:47 pm - A break from it all...
It'll probably be a while. So, Merry Kuri--- Merry Spanksgiving and a belated Happy Halloween. A lot of LJ users have...abandoned the ship, so to speak. It seems to make those of us left, update less. Our friends are leaving and it seems not to matter if we update or not.. But, that's a whole nother topic. Lets see the Artwork


Douzo..... 9 pieces. A break is good for the soul, you get better.Collapse )
5th-Oct-2010 06:21 pm - WE ARE...X! YOU ARE...X!
For a partial review of my cherry popping X-perience , please see my other blog. Sure, I could copy/paste it but that would be too repetitive. If you want the short version: Happiest day in years.


Halloween is upon us - Mature content behind the cutCollapse )
19th-Sep-2010 10:37 pm - Où êtes-vous donc?

Birthday BabyCollapse )
4th-Sep-2010 07:07 pm - Saphhire
It's the month of my birthday, sapphire. And I have X Japan tickets..... Yoshiki better show up October 1st or I'm going to his house because I know exactly where he lives.


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20th-Aug-2010 06:18 pm - Neglectful
Neglectful.... I feel like I've abandoned you. I actually feel rather sinful about the whole thing, so, here I am checking up on you, commentening your journal(s) and posting something of my own so that it doesn't feel like a post-apocalypse.... Get it, 'Post'-Apocalypse? A Post it's what it's called when you put in a new entry...Gah, my humour is no good either.


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25th-Dec-2009 12:08 am - ♥♥ !Merry Christmas! ♥♥
I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ♫

This year has been very long and hard. I pray next year will be better; better for myself, those around me and for the world in general.

Never take anything for granted, love those around you and accept their love while you can. Life shatters around us and we watch the pieces fall. Shards of memories float down towards our shimmering eyes. In each little mirror, there lies remembrance. Whether pure or amiss, life is all too brief.


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20th-Nov-2009 11:31 pm - My Cherished One...

I hope you received my card! Have a magical day, my dear friend.

All my love,

30th-Jul-2009 03:26 am - A Collection of Glamorous
Double Post Part 1

Have I gone AWOL? I think so, sometimes. Preparations for moving are so.... scary! And time consuming and emotionally draining. If I go missing for a couple months, don't worry, it's business. And baby baby, I'll be back. So, as I prepare to depart. Happy early birthday to my dear susperia1 ! Have a beautiful birthday, love! *kisses*

A collection of glamorous women... and a Kiyoharu?!
Sophia Loren
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe
Jane Russel
Greta Garbo
Rita Hayworth
Judy Garland
Kiyoharu... Oh yea baby, he fits in, he's the most glam of them all, haha!


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